Project design

a new turf football field

The Launching a Legacy Campaign's goal to raise $4 million is a proposed renovation project that will enable the district to live up to its mission. It will perfect the SM sports complex areas so that they are safe, attractive, and usable at all times.

The existing natural grass field of the football, softball and baseball fields suffers from poor drainage, challenges with base composition and soil, plus the wear and tear from years of regular use. These conditions mean its use is limited - especially for football - to varsity games which sometimes must be moved to neighboring fields.

unique design, eco friendly

With striking colors the new Spaltholz Field will stand out among the competition, while underneath an environmentally safe pad and infill will ensure the safety of our soil and waterways. Improved drainage will help our teams get back on the field sooner and mitigate damage from flooding.

The track around the field will be resurfaced and brought up to modern standards and allow the pole vault to return to the stadium.

realizing full use of the field

The stadium facilities around the field are pleasant and modern but are underutilized due to the condition of the field. The installation of the artificial turf in the stadium and other fields (softball/baseball) will completely alleviate the current problem. Once completed, the new field will be available for a variety of community events, educational endeavors, and other school activities.

A Functional Field Will Mean:

  • Artificial turf at the football field

  • Recreation (youth) football move to Bucyrus Stadium

  • A new scoreboard that allows for stats for football, soccer and track

  • Upgraded track and field facilities with the pole vault moved from the parking lot to the field

  • The artificial turf will include an organic infill that will improve traction, reduce turf heat and be environmentally friendly.

  • A non-slippery surface for the Pom Team to perform on

  • A safe area on the track for the cheer team to perform.

  • A wall of fame that honors past athletes

  • Soccer can be played in Bucyrus Stadium

  • Graduation ceremonies can be held outside

  • return of the nearly century-old tradition of hosting marching band competitions

Improved baseball/softball surfaces

Artificial turf field will also be installed for the upper Softball Diamond, and Galewski Field will be leveled and have artifical infield turf.